Natural & Organic Deodorant 
That WORKS As Hard As You Do!
Why Else Would We Offer a 90 Day Guarantee
The Problem With Natural Deodorant:
They Simply Don't Work... Until NOW
The Product
In An Industry That's Left People BELIEVING That Natural Deodorant Doesn’t Work… 

We Have RAISED The Bar And Set NEW Standards. 

PETA Approved And Endorsed. 

It's An Experience That OUTLASTS The Competition. 
3 Years, 59 Formulas and 47,359 Test Subjects
This is what it took to bring you the most advanced, odour-fighting, all-natural, organic, vegan and chemical-free deodorant on the planet. 
virgin coconut oil*, virgin shea butter*, virgin mango butter*, arrowroot powder*, candelilla wax*, cocoa butter*, kaolin clay*, pure hemp oil* pure apricot oil*, pure essential oils*, vitamin e oil*, sodium bicarbonate.
What People Are Saying
"By far the best natural deodorant I've ever used.  I love that it was created by a mom and she still has it made by local hands!"
~Joanne Young
Personal Raw Food Chef To 
Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen 
"It's a breath of fresh air to find an all natural deodorant that actually works and was created by a lady who cares more about change than making millions." 
~Dr. Tanya Wylde 
Wylde Natural Health
"YES!!  I was so excited to find The Best Deodorant In The World because it was impossible to find a safe natural deodorant that actually worked! Thank you!"
~Jovanka Ciares
Wellness & Nutrition Coach
"Oh My Goodness!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE It and want some more of it!  Best natural deodorant I've ever used! A million times thank you!!"
~Giuditta Gareri
Trainer and owner 
Remax Team Excellence 
Our Unconditional STINK FREE Guarantee Means
There's Absolutely No-Risk In Giving It a Try. 
100% No-Question
100% No-Risk
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Wholesale Prices $9 / Unit  -  Average Location Sells 47 Units / Month
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48 Handcrafted Tins
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All Prices In USD Unless Stated Otherwise
"As a vegan and plant based athlete I found it almost impossible to find a natural, animal friendly deodorant that worked. Then I discovered The best Deodorant In The World and the rest is history."
~Nadege Corcoran
Plant Powered Athlete
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