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Pre-Order Until Dec 24th & Save Up To 55%
Introducing PitShield
Everything You Know About Natural Deodorant Has EVOLVED
Here's Where You Come In
PitShield™ is a proprietary process that allows you to seamlessly transition from traditional, off the shelf deodorant, without the ‘stink’ or the irritation and best of all… it keeps you smelling fresh and incredible no matter what you do. 
"As an Integrative Family Medicine Physician, it's extremely important to me to practice what I preach and to use all natural products as much as possible. I was skeptical when I heard about The Best Deodorant in the World, but after just 1 use, I was hooked and became a SuperFan! After years of searching for a natural deodorant that doesn't irritate but still actually works, this deodorant delivered and is my new favorite. I will be encouraging all of my family, friends, patients and my entire community to switch to this phenomenal product ASAP! So grateful to have found the world's best deodorant."
Dr. Kori Feldman
Product Highlights
Packaging Highlights
Ingredient Highlights
Evolved Ingredients
Sprinkle of Fairy Dust*, Moon Dust*, Snowflake From The Himalayas*,  Feather from a Flying Unicorn*, A Lock of Fur (ethically sourced) From A Yeti*,  A shaving from a Leprechaun's Coin* , A Tear From a Mermaid*, Thread From Superman's Cape*, Drop of Sweat from a Merman*,  Drop of Lava From The Sun*, Cup of Water From The Fountain of Youth*,  Liquid Love*  and slowly heated by The Flame of a Dragon*    *ORGANIC
 Ingredients:  Kaolin Clay*,  Bentonite Clay*, Baking Soda,  Coconut Oil*,  Shea Butter*,  Candelilla Wax*, Castor Wax*, Non GMO Grapeseed Oil*, Vitamin C*,  Vitamin E*, Bergamot (bergaptene free) oil* - Peppermint Oil* - Sage Oil* - Zinc*      *organic 
"Hey Margaux, congrats on this amazing business. My mom turned me onto your product and I absolutely love it!"
Anna Silk
Star of hit TV series Lost Girl
"Living in the jungle, I sweat all day and have never found a natural deodorant that lasts. The best deodorant in the world is by far the best natural deodorant I've ever used.  So good I wouldn't classify it with all those 'other' natural deodorants out there."
Joanne Gerrard Young
Raw Food Chef To The Stars
"Best natural deodorant we've ever used. Our armpits feel great and we smell like a rose... actually two dozen roses."
Dr. Joel Kahn
America's Healthy Heart Doc
Smell Great, No Matter What You Do
With a truly unique combination of hand-pressed essential oils, The Best Deodorant In The World leaves you so fresh, it's like taking a walk, naked,  through an orchard in Italy.  
Bergamot is so highly prized that it's considered the "finest of the citrus notes".  This invigoratingly light smell of Bergamot, when paired with the perfect quantity of our gorgeous Organic Peppermint & Sage, takes your natural deodorant experience to brand new heights.  Once you make the switch to the world's best deodorant, you will never need anything else.
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"As an active dad and business owner, I don't have time for another natural deodorant that doesn't work. Have to say, your name says it all. "
Jason F.
"I pretty much gave up on the whole 'natural' deodorant thing a long time ago. Then my sister gave me yours and BAM, I am once again a believer."
Kylie T.
"Being a big (smelly) dude, I was very apprehensive about 'The Best Deodorant In The World', but after rocking it for a few weeks, I have to say you're done what others can't."
Tom W.
Most Popular Questions From You
How Long Does The Jar / Stick Last?
On average each jar / stick lasts 3 months. 
Which Option Should I Order?
Over the last 8 years of providing this great product to our customers and friends, we've found when you purchase less than 4 units, your family and friends end up taking most all of it resulting in reordering very quickly. The Couples Pack and Family Pack were created becuase of all the requests we had for bigger packages.  
What Is PitShield™?
Frustrated with the natural deodorant industry and all the products that either didn't work or irritated your pits, we hired a real formulator to develop a proprietary process that allows you to seamlessly transition from traditional, off the shelf deodorant, without the ‘stink’ or the irritation and best of all… it keeps you smelling fresh and incredible no matter what you do. This is a massive step forward for the entire natural deodorant industry and set a new standard. 
When Will The Pre-Launch Orders Be Shipping?
All Pre-Launch orders will be shipping the first of January.  Don't worry, we will be updating you on a regular basis with pictures and videos on the status of your order and production.  
Why Are You Doing a Pre-Launch?
We've been blessed that our demand has always exceeded our production, but this also makes life very difficult for you. This Pre-Launch will help eliminate any future inventory issues.  By helping us reach our goal, you'll be propelling our little brand forward and ensuring we never have inventory issues again.  
What About a Guarantee?
We've got you covered with our Unconditional Stink-Free Guarantee.  If it doesn't work, just let us know and we'll take great care of you. 
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All Natural - Organic - Vegan
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